Haiti 2010 EarthquakeDisaster Proposal
Advanced Building Technology was introduced to a Haitian Government Official who requested a proposal for emergency quick-to-assemble permanent housing and community centers with commercial kitchens for preparing food, restrooms and showers and sleeping quarters that will withstand CAT-5 hurricanes, seismic rated, and do not require utility connections. Our major challenge was that everything had to be shipped in containers to Haiti, and kitted for fast, easy assembly with unskilled labor with basic tools.
Our proposal included:
  • Emergency shelters 78,000 square feet.
  • Modular residential 6-plexes.
Advanced Building Technology mobilized these Haiti Relief Partners:
  • TEMO Inc.┬« modular structures.
  • The Home Depot┬« showers, sinks, cabinets.
  • Mike High Solar.
  • American Mobile Kitchens.
  • Thetford composting toilets.
  • Coleman portable propane stoves and foldable beds.
ABD selected TEMO Inc. as one of our partners for the 2010 Haiti earthquake disaster relief project. The video was included in our presentation.
Haiti Earthquake Reconstruction Presentation on the benefits of using SIPs for Easy to Assemble Six-Plex Housing Shipped in Containers