WallGuard & RoofGuardApplications
Advanced Building Technology (ABT) has multiple choices of products for exterior finish, Exterior Insulation Finishing System (EIFS) and fire resistance including WallGuard and RoofGuard.
WallGuard, Zero Maintenance Stucco, Stucco Alternative, Exterior Spray On Finish, Water and Snow Sealant, 20 Year Warranty
Marriott Residence Inn Alberta, Canada project utilizing WallGuard exterior stucco coating has required no maintenance and repair in the 20+ years since built.
Performance Data
  • FIRE: Rated "Non-Combustible"
  • Fiber Cement Board (FCB) with spray-on WallGuard & RoofGuard .16" (4 mm) coating did not support flame spread or fire penetration during 35-minute fire test reaching 2,500 F. and earned a rating of "Non-Combustible" for fire protection.
  • MOISTURE: 4 Year Wind-Driven Rain Test
  • Passed a 4-year water resistance test for wind driven rain and snow (TT-C-555B-3.3.3). The membrane is permeable (breathable) allowing interior water vapor to escape, "similar to house wraps or waterproof Gore-Tex garments." Product is resistant to fungus, mold, and mildew.
  • ELONGATION: Passed To 600%+ With 100% Memory Retention
  • Tested to 600%+ elongation at 77 F. and returns to its original dimensions with no deformation and 100% memory retention.
  • SOLAR: 500 Hours Exposure, No Degradation
  • Accelerated weathering and solar exposure after 500 hours (equivalent to 4 years) of testing, membrane showed no evidence of checking, cracking, chalking or loss of coating.
  • INSULATION: Adds R-4.6
  • Increases thermal efficiency by an additional R-4.6 to walls and roof of the structure.
  • WARRANTY: 20-Year
  • Provided by the manufacturer.
WallGuard, Zero Maintenance Stucco, Stucco Alternative, Exterior Spray On Finish, Water and Snow Sealant, 20 Year Warranty
Single Family Home with Color Matched WallGuard Spray On Exterior Coating
  • Color: 1,400 choices.
  • Coating Textures: Stucco or Flat
  • Clean by washing off with a garden hose.
  • Repair any damage with paintbrush or roller application of product.
RoofGuard, Zero Maintenance, Roof Membrane Alternative, Exterior Spray On Finish, Water Moisture Sealant, 20 Year Warranty, Humidity Resistance, Heat Resistance
Shopping Mall in Kissimmee, Florida with white RoofGuard that is sprayed on for fast curing in 2-Hours and elastomeric for protection from heavy solar exposure, expansion and rainfall
  • Exterior fire protection.
  • WallGuard can be applied over and repair cracked stucco and roof covering.
  • WallGuard can be applied over EIFS (Exterior Insulated Finish Systems) where moisture has penetrated, and remediation is needed for mold and mildew.
WallGuard Fire Test that reached 2,500 F.
Fire Test Video of WallGuard Spray On Coating